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Glasgow Lands - the band was hot!

Glasgow Lands 2019 may go down as the hottest competition in recent memory. The heat index was rumored to be around 105 degrees. First off, let's start with the soloists. Grade 2 soloist, Steve Lemieux got a 1st place in his 2/4 March in a field of 17! Grade 3 soloist, Anne O'Donnell got a 3rd place in her Piobaireachd in a field of 12. Grade 4Sr drummer, Doug Andrews got a 2nd place in his 2/4 March in a field of 5 and Adam Sise got a 4th place in his Grade 4 Sr Piobaireachd. Well done to all of the soloists, making the band stronger!

The band played 13 out of 14 bands, so there was an extra long wait. We played really well, but a couple of fundamental playing items made for a somber feeling at the band tent afterwards. The hope was that our drum corps could pull us up so we could sneak into 3rd place. No sense in tuning up for closing ceremonies. A few drams were had and the laughs increased.

Still hot at closing ceremonies when they announced the winners. See the video below:

Amazing feeling to know that our playing overshadowed everything else, thanks to an Above Grade Level in drumming!! Great to play off in a contest this size. On to Scotland with a big boost!


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