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New England champs. Again!

The New Hampshire Highland games are funny. The weather is either really nice or not. This year it was low 80s, a little too hot, but you get what you get. The good news everyone has to deal with whatever Mother Nature throws at us. We had a great camp site on the games side of the river. I'd pay money or that site again - close to everything and no schlepping over the bridge every time you wanted to do something.

The band's soloists represented the band very well in both piping and drumming. More detail to come.

We had a great draw in the field of 13, at number 10. 3:15 rolls around, and of we go not the circle. Decent run, not our best, but not embarrassing. Great start, great stop. March out, debrief 'I had a note mistake', 'yeah, me too', 'Oh good, I thought I was the only one'. Well, three pipers copped to note mistakes. Drum line had a good run, so maybe they could carry us over the finish line, but the competition is very stiff, so not expecting miracles - no tuning for closing ceremonies. No need, we won't be playing off...

But wait! "...and the winner of the Grade 5, Claddagh Mhor Pipe Band." Disbelief all around. Total shock, then "oh no, we're not tuned up. this'll be interesting. Not too bad, though. Then up to lodge, played there. We went 2,2,1,3 for piping, piping, ensemble, drumming. It was a tie for first, but ensemble carries the day!

Everyone retreated for dinner only to come back on Sunday to compete in the Drum Corps Salute (3rd place!). Nice job back-end! And to play our new medley, which sounded pretty good, all things considered. Can't wait to see what 2020 holds for the band! Here's the winning run


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